Warranty Information

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:

HOY SHOE CO.’s Salt Water® and Sun-San® sandals are warranted for one year against defective materials and workmanship. This does not extend to problems that arise from normal wear and tear. We will replace products we determine to be defective with an identical item or a substitute of similar value should the style no longer be available. While every effort will be made to replace the defective product with the same style and color, we cannot guarantee replacement of the style or color that you originally purchased.

Authorized Hoy Shoe Co. Dealers:

HOY SHOE CO. offers a manufacturer’s limited warranty for products purchased from its authorized dealers. HOY SHOE CO. does NOT offer a manufacturer’s limited warranty for products purchased from anyone who is not an authorized dealer.

Ebay Sellers/On-Line Auctions & Trade Boards:

HOY SHOE CO. does NOT authorize any of its dealers to sell on eBay, or any other on-line auctions or trade boards. HOY SHOE CO.’s agreements with its dealers prohibit sales on auction sites. Accordingly, HOY SHOE CO. does not offer its limited warranty or rebates for products purchased on these sites and will not assist with resolution of any disputes including assistance with Pay Pal refund requests.

Claim Procedure:

Please first attempt to return the shoes to the original place of purchase. HOY SHOE CO. has made arrangements with our authorized retailers to accept returns for products with material or workmanship flaws. You will need to provide your receipt showing the date of purchase and the defective sandals.

If you’re unable to return your product to the original place of purchase, please file a claim through HOY SHOE CO.